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I am as long as I travel...

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About Me

For as long as I remember, I have always been dreaming about faraway lands. Years ago, my world consisted only of a tiny piece of land by the Baltic Sea and the unimaginable dimensions of the big "homeland" (at that time Lithuania was occupied by Russia). From time to time I had to take a deep breath from the books or Russian TV program „Movie Travel Club“ and to visit the neighbors at least for a half day. And then happiness returned to me again. Nomadic blood flows in my veins and forces me constantly to be happy, and so I am as long as I travel...

My blog is bilingual. Honestly, I was going to start writing in my native language, Lithuanian, which is for me by any means easier, and see how it goes; however, for technical reasons, I have to start with both languages at once.

Very often not only the language but the information as well will vary because I think that it simply needs to be different 😊I hope this will not discourage you from taking a peek at what is inside 😊

And my Non-Lithuanian readers I will try to get acquainted with the best and the most interesting of my homeland - Lithuania. So, welcome everyone from everywhere!

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