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My Story

A bazaar is a place where people have been gathering for ages. It is a place where everything is real and undirected though there is plenty of acting. It is a place with many contrasts and experiences, colors, smells, sounds, emotions- it is a full-fledged life itself. Maybe this is why it seduces me and does not let me go when I am there. The same as the trips, it is like a disease without a cure: the more you travel, the more you want. Sometimes I ask myself when that desire will disappear when I am fed up with what is around me. Although I have understood that everything has been repeating in the world while traveling, I can still not answer this question: only when I know I am going somewhere do I feel empowered. This is why my blog name contains the word “bazaar” because it consists of everything in it.
In my bazaar, I will share my passions: travel, food, and art. Maybe I will encourage somebody to take a peek further, do it despite age (I am far away from a young anymore, I have lived over half a century on this planet and traveled all the time; however, with years, my traveling is becoming more intense), company (with some exceptions when I travel with my children who have become more fellow passengers than “children,” I travel solo. I have understood that in this way, I am more open to the world around me since my eyes are being directed not towards my travel companions but to my surroundings).
From time to time, I will share recipes and be happy to try them with me.

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