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Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Bazaar is a place where people have been gathering since the beginning of time. It is a place where everything is real and undirected though there is plenty of acting. It is a place with many contrasts in experiences, colors, smells, sounds, emotions- it's as full as life itself. Maybe this is a reason why it draws me in and does not let me go when I am there.

The most dramatical views are where meat is being sold
The most dramatic views are where meat is being sold. Valladolid, Yucatan

Traveling for me is like a disease that lacks a cure: the more you travel the more you want to… Sometimes I ask myself when my desire will be fulfilled, when I will be satisfied with what surrounds me. While traveling I have learned that everything in the world repeats and yet I am still unable to answer this question. I only know that when I am going somewhere, I feel empowered.

Hong Kong Flower Market
Every single market I have visited had a cat. Hong Kong Flower Market

In my bazaar I will share my passions: travel, food and art.

Maybe I will encourage somebody to take a peek further, do it despite age and company.

I am far away from being young anymore, I have lived over half a century on this planet and traveled a large portion of the time. With passing years, my traveling is becoming more intense. With some exceptions when I travel with my children who have become more companions than “children,” I mainly travel alone. I have understood that in this way I am more open to the world around me, since my eyes are being directed not towards my travel companions but to surroundings.

Time to time I will share recipes and will be happy if you will try with me.

Colors of Oaxaca, Mexico
Oaxaca, Mexico, seduces not only with its numerous markets but also with its never ending colors

Thank you Juan Pablo Barba (@juan_pablo_barba on Instagram) for a photo!

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