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Updated: May 14, 2021

In 1938, Vicente Mena, the son of the founder of the famous Merida ice cream parlor “Helados Polito”, filled the usual waffle ice cream cone with grated Dutch Edam cheese for the offspring of wealthy families during school breaks. Two of them were granddaughters of one marquis. Once the girls asked to roll the waffle in a different shape, and so perhaps the most famous dessert on the peninsula was born.

In order to try them, you don’t have to go to the same ice cream parlor that has been working for over 100 years. Marquesittas are baked in every town, not only in Yucatan but also in many Mexican places, and not only with traditional Edam cheese, since each cart has its own waffle menu.

You can choose according to your taste: a variety of cheeses, nut butters, jams, fresh fruit, condensed milk etc. After tasting the various variants, we remained true to the traditional one, placing Edam with spreadable Philadelphia cheese in the second place.

Our acquaintance with the "Marquesittas" took place in Valladolid. We waited for our waffles for more than half an hour. This is probably the longest line I have stood in for a long time. The baker said he bakes about 400 pieces a day.

Although the waffles look huge, they are very thin, brittle and just melt in your mouth. You eat and don't feel it :)

P.S. And if you would like to bake them at home, here is the recipe

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